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One of the most important ways that seniors can stay healthy is to make sure they are vaccinated against common, preventable diseases.

Research shows that a number of older adults aren’t getting the vaccines they need to help reduce their risk of serious illnesses.

With age, we become much more susceptible to serious illnesses and infections due to a weakened immune system. Many of these diseases can take their toll on younger adults, but the setback is often temporary. For seniors, the complications that arise from these illnesses can be life-threatening.

For example, respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia and influenza, are the eighth leading cause of death among the older population. Seniors with chronic diseases are more likely to suffer complications. Diabetics, for example, are three times more likely to die from a bout with the flu than a healthy adult. The risk of getting either of these can be reduced with vaccinations.

Vaccines represent the best form of risk reduction for some diseases, and can help make symptoms less severe for those who do come down with the respective illness. Immunizations can make a significant difference in a senior’s physical well-being. Seniors should discuss their immunization needs with their health care team to ensure that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Commonly recommended vaccinations:

Influenza vaccine

Shingles vaccine

Tdap vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine

Hepatitis B

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