2020 Peterborough Event Schedule Coming Soon

2019 Peterborough Event Schedule

9 – 9:45 Music Therapy: Reaching Within

Presented by Lynn Reimer. This introduction explores the power of music
therapy as a creative tool for maintaining and restoring health and
wellness and therapeutic uses with older adults and adults living with

10 – 10:45 Stages of Senior Care/Living Arrangements

Presented by Sandra Faber. Sandra Faber will discuss living at home as we
age and the importance of having a plan in place early to ensure you are
happy, healthy and safe at home.

Presented by Eldon Munson, Jr. Care at home, adult day care, assisted
living, independent living, memory care and nursing home care create a
broad spectrum of possibilities for seniors. What is available? How much
will it cost? How will we pay for it?

11 – 11:45 Staying active and involved

Presented by Sandi Bandieri. Discover the reasons why traveling is good for
you. Also, Bandieri will give travel tips for planning your next

Presented by Heather Jasmine: What’s the Deal with Brain Health? Repeated
studies show that keeping our minds and bodies active at every stage of
life is critical to maintaining good health. Learn more about the
importance of lifelong learning and local opportunities.

11:45 – 1:00 Lunch and Keynote

Presented by Dr. Michael Lindberg. This talk will provide background on the
impact of Alzheimer’s disease, explore current and future opportunities for
treatment, and review potentially expanded diagnostic options.

1:00 – 2:15 Basics of estate planning — getting your papers in order

Presented by Jeffrey Crocker and Phil Runyon.

The basic documents involved in estate planning – primarily wills,
revocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care directive —
and steps people should take outside of their official legal documents to
organize their affairs for their families.

2:30 – The Top Ten Social Security Mistakes and the $20,000 Bonus

Presented by Joshua I Houle. The purpose is to help folks identify common
pitfalls and often overlooked opportunities.