The transition for a senior into a new community isn’t always easy and there are many fears that make them reluctant to make this important change. Here are some common concerns voiced prior to move-in which are often alleviated once they adjust to their new home.

“I am going to lose my independence by making this move.” Many assisted living communities find that seniors gain more independence and become more social after they move in. With the care and support they need onsite 24/7, this allows residents more time to enjoy activities they are passionate about. Residents also have the freedom from the burden of homeownership responsibilities, which gives them an open schedule for activities like wellness classes, yoga, art classes, live entertainment and more.

“What am I going to do with all my stuff?” Fear of downsizing is common for new residents moving into a senior living community. The thought of moving from a long-time residence to an assisted-living apartment can be overwhelming at times. What we see in our community is many residents get a sense of relief once they’ve downsized and simplified their daily life.

“The fear of change.” Moving into assisted living is certainly a big change that can cause seniors some anxiety. Usually, that fear quickly disappears when a resident gets adjusted to their new home. Residents really enjoy the benefits of feeling safe and secure living in a community that has staff around the clock. They really thrive as many of their past daily responsibilities are now taken care of. They no longer have to worry about cooking, laundry and weekly housekeeping.

It’s totally normal to worry and have fears. When you find the right community, those fears will quickly disappear, and you will enjoy many of the benefits that assisted living offers.

Toby Cummings is the sales and marketing director at Scott-Farrar in Peterborough.