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2019 Concord Event Schedule

9 – 9:45 Creative Aging/Movement and Song

Presented by Concord Community Music School, Peggy Senter: Creative Aging: Benefits of musical participation for brain health and quality of life. Peggy will give an overview of the research and offer examples of how music-making can help individuals who are living with dementia, Parkinson’s Disease or the effects of stroke.

Presented by Concord Community Music School, Heather Oberheim: Movement and Song to Improve Life with Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Heather will offer background on the neurologic benefits of these therapeutic techniques and lead an inclusive participatory group.

10 – 10:45 Stages of Senior Care/Living Arrangements

Presented by Caitlin Cawley. Stages of Senior Care: This presentation is designed to guide individuals through the continuum of care for elders, looking at pros and cons, costs and funding, what to look for and avoid and how to know which option is right.

11 – 11:45 Staying active and involved

Presented by Sandi Bandieri. Discover the reasons why traveling is good for you. Also, Bandieri will give travel tips for planning your next destination.

Presented by Jennifer Brechtel. Aging Well. Successful aging is largely determined by the choices we make. In this workshop, we discuss simple strategies to maximize our health as we age.

11:45 – 1:00 Lunch and Keynote

To be announced

1:00 – 2:15 Basics of estate planning — getting your papers in order

Presented by Jim Raymond and Sabrina Beavens.

The basic documents involved in estate planning – primarily wills, revocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care directive — and steps people should take outside of their official legal documents to organize their affairs for their families.

2:30 – The Top Ten Social Security Mistakes and the $20,000 Bonus

Presented by Joshua I Houle. The purpose is to help folks identify common pitfalls and often overlooked opportunities.